Kids Collect

Throughout the summer we will be encouraging children  to start collections of things they find in West Bay or add to existing collections which will be housed in the Methodist Chapel.

This could include seagull feathers, washed up shoes, pebbles, seaweed, plastic debris… anything they find interesting.

Collective Holiday Snap Album

Be part of a collective photo album about West Bay

Come and download your holiday snaps and selfies onto our on-line  photo album.


The Story Booth

Come and record your own stories  about West Bay in our story booth.


True stories

Made up stories


Oops! Wow! Art workshop for 2 – 5 yr.olds

Tuesday 9th August 10 a.m – 12 noon

Drop-in.  £5

Jo Burlington, local artist and educator brings her under 5’s art workshop to the Methodist Chapel to encourage free, expressive exploration with art materials.

Children will get very messy so bring a change of clothes.

Parents are expected to join in the fun and assist their child.

Shawnadithit: The last of the Beothuk

Come to the Methodist Chapel to find out about Shawnadithit,  a national heroine in St. Johns, Newfoundland.

The Beothuk Indians  were the aboriginal people of Newfoundland who were decimated by Europeans bringing disease and exploiting their territory for the fishing and fur industries.

Shawnadithit died in 1829 and was the last Beothuk Indian to survive.


Skype Newfoundland

Come to the Methodist Chapel and skype with residents of St. Johns, the capital of  New Foundland

1pm- 4pm Wednesdays – Saturdays

Bridport has a  strong historical link to Newfoundland. Dorset fishermen, agricultural labourers and  business owners worked, traded and emigrated to New Foundland in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Dorset accent can still be recognised in the dialect spoken by residents of New Foundland and Labrador.


An Alternative History Trail of West Bay

Pick up a History Trail Map from the Methodist Chapel and embark on a unique experience of West Bay by foot.

Our History Trail  will lead you to little known sites in West Bay to uncover recent historical events and stories.

Return to the Chapel to add your own stories , new events or sites to our History Trail Map.

Dr. Steven Eastwood – film-maker: Film Screening of ‘Buried Land’


A  rare screening of an extraordinary  documentary by artist/film-maker Steven Eastwood & Geoffrey Alan Rhodes

Buried Land (2010) Narrative feature, 80mins, 16.9 HDCAM Shot on location in the Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia



In 2006, CNN announced the discovery of ancient pyramids, not inEgypt, but Visoko, a small town in central Bosnia… Emir, an emigre
removed during the war, returns to his country to assist on a film
about the pyramid claims, but finds himself struggling to reconnect
with his homeland and make sense of the town’s mythic archeology.
Buried Land is a fictional story set in a real community and based on
actual events. Controversy surrounded the production of the film when
the Bosnian press accused the directors of planning a Borat-like
production, using a single actor to lure the local people into a
misrepresentation. Riffing on these events, the filmmakers made this
controversy a part of their story. Buried Land is about how films
often miss underlying meanings in their attempts to provide sensation.
The real story is of belief and hope as symbolized by the Visoko
pyramids and the spirit of a town that has lived through the trauma of

Steven Eastwood will be at The Chapel to answer any questions following the screening.