Dr. Steven Eastwood – film-maker: Film Screening of ‘Buried Land’


A  rare screening of an extraordinary  documentary by artist/film-maker Steven Eastwood & Geoffrey Alan Rhodes

Buried Land (2010) Narrative feature, 80mins, 16.9 HDCAM Shot on location in the Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia



In 2006, CNN announced the discovery of ancient pyramids, not inEgypt, but Visoko, a small town in central Bosnia… Emir, an emigre
removed during the war, returns to his country to assist on a film
about the pyramid claims, but finds himself struggling to reconnect
with his homeland and make sense of the town’s mythic archeology.
Buried Land is a fictional story set in a real community and based on
actual events. Controversy surrounded the production of the film when
the Bosnian press accused the directors of planning a Borat-like
production, using a single actor to lure the local people into a
misrepresentation. Riffing on these events, the filmmakers made this
controversy a part of their story. Buried Land is about how films
often miss underlying meanings in their attempts to provide sensation.
The real story is of belief and hope as symbolized by the Visoko
pyramids and the spirit of a town that has lived through the trauma of

Steven Eastwood will be at The Chapel to answer any questions following the screening.