Sound, Music, Robot: a sound improvisation

sound music robot sq


Alex McKechnie, David Rogers and Adrian Newton will be improvising live electronic sound on the theme of world religions.

They will be joined on stage by Muffy, who will be listening to what they are playing and responding with sounds and images. Muffy is a piece of DIY software, designed to improvise sounds and images in response to live musicians.

Alex Mckechnie (Barbed)
Alex is a composer known for his experimental sound and music work withBarbed Empire. He lives locally and is Course Director of Digital Arts at Weymouth College.

David Rogers (Electricbackroom)
David’s creative practice includes installation, combining 3D construction, performance and screen based work, single screen, projections, multiple screen works and audio, ranging from soundscapes to compositional sound. Work exhibited in both gallery and non gallery situations.

Adrian Newton (Nemeton)
Nemeton is the ambient music project of Adrian Newton, a sound artist based in Dorset, UK. Soundscapes are constructed from microloops and grains of sound, which are typically derived from field recordings, electroacoustic improvisations and other found sounds. Rather than focusing on the use of purely digital or synthetic sound sources, the aim is to create evolving organic textures from sounds rooted in the living world. In this way, the music provides a metaphor for nature, and our relationship with it. The name ‘nemeton’ refers to the ancient sacred groves that once characterised the landscapes of Dorset and other areas of southern England.

Adrian is also a member of the critically acclaimed free-improvisation group Zaum, the improvising electronic ensemble ‘No Context’ and the ambient jazz group ‘Echo Engine’. He has also provided sonic art contributions to numerous community theatre events and arts festivals, both in Dorset and beyond.

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