The Archeological Dig

A number of interesting artefacts have been found on site over the course of the six weeks….

The dig took place as part of the project to bury half a boat.
A. Antique shell, probably from a woo-woo shop in Glastonbury hight street.

B. Fragment of Coptic lustreware, indicating the extent of West Bay trade in pre-Roman times.

C. Vitrified rock, a result of recent volcanic activity.

D. Tooth from a Sabre-toothed tiger, or possibly a spare rib from last Friday’s BBQ.

E. Fragments of Grannie’s dinner service following a Greek-style mourning for the boat cutting.

F. Frosted glass, possibly from a window in the public toilets next door.

G. Prototype Dorset button (q.v.) dating for around 1621.

H. Bronze age dagger, or possibly tent peg from 1989 Scout camp when a Force8 blew them away.
We have done our best to identify these finds within the constraints of our limited budget. If you feel you have superior knowledge please do let us know at