Lise Autogena + Josh Portway – artists

FOGHORN REQUIEM kb 3466Foghorn Requiem (2013)
Foghorn Requiem was a performance marking the disappearance of the foghorn from the UK’s coastal landscape. Conducted from afar, a musical requiem was performed by Souter Lighthouse Foghorn, three brass bands and 60 ships on the North Sea for an audience of 8-10 000. Foghorn Requiem was an attempt to incorporate space and reverberation of the landscape directly into the musical composition: Sound-influencing factors, such as atmospheric conditions, tide, distance and the sonic impact of the landscape were calculated to position vessels off the coast and programme their horns to perform in time with conventional brass instruments and Souter Foghorn on-shore.
Commissioned as the flagship project for Festival of The North East. Created in collaboration with composer Orlando Gough and Joshua Portway. Funded by Arts Council England, Arts Council of Denmark . The National Trust and South Tyneside Council. Produced by Grit and Pearl.