Jo Burlington: Artist


Jo occupied the Methodist Chapel overnight for 12 hours from 8.30pm, Thursday 4th august – 8.30am Friday August 5th and produced this extraordinary drawing from her experience

“Responding to the space and the place and the night, reflecting something of the immensity of the space outside. The process of the drawing echoing the movement of the shingle on the beach, swept on and washed off over and over, every motion changing the shape of the beach.
12 hours uninterrupted time on 10 meters of paper, the length of the church. Time and space to just draw and draw and draw in contrast with the fractured busyness of day to day family life. Physically moving, drawing, seeing the changes made, a task large but defined. A drawing but not a drawing of anything – just of itself.”

The drawing will be exhibited at The Chapel from day 5th August – Sunday 7th August.